Fossil Hunting

Found a nice snail fossil and ammonite fossil while fishing at the Lewis Ranch, with David, Amber, Sherri, CJ, Mike & Jennifer.

A. Ammonites (coiled-shelled animals related to squid), B. serpulid worm tubes, snail steinkerns (internal molds) such as C. Tylostoma and D. Anchura, bivalves such as F. the oyster Texigryphea, G. the scallop Neithea (left), and the clam Lima waconensis (right), H. Various clam steinkerns, often called "deer hearts" by locals; I. regular (round) urchins, J. heart urchins, and K. Porocystis, which looks like a ball with many small pores and a larger opening at one end. It has often been mistaken for a sponge, but is actually an algal fruiting body.


Martins said…
Hey that's a pretty cool chart. We have found some of those before!
Anonymous said…
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