Friday, October 7, 2016

More Details for Clan Reed Alaska Trip

Food For Thought

If some folks want to go out fishing for halibut again for the 5th day, not everyone needs to come.  If somebody likes the idea of staying in one day and reading a book, that's cool too.
We will be together plenty during the week - but not necessarily every hour.

Summer in Alaska is still cool
-August highs are only 65 F, lows near 50F

It could rain a lot; or it could be nice weather.
- We have to prepare for both.
- We have to be ready to fish in the rain
      - There won't be any "let's wait - maybe it will clear up"

"Just be prepared, dress in layers -including a waterproof (breathable) jacket!-, and enjoy!"

  • Dress in layers!  Begin with a lightweight short sleeved shirt (your comfort layer), add a hoodie (hooded sweatshirt), cardigan sweater or fleece sweater (your warmth layer), add to that an all-weather coat (your protection layer), & scarf if it is warranted.  If you get hot, simply shed enough clothes to make yourself comfortable.

  • Most importantly, bring an all-weather jacket, preferably with a hood.  I recommend a waterproof, breathable jacket rather than just a nylon windbreaker, especially if you plan to do a lot of outdoor stuff. Sometimes the wind kicks up across the ocean and even though it is sunny & warm, the cold wind will go right through you. The jacket doesn't have to be heavy & lined, if you layer correctly, you'll take care of the warmth, this will simply keep you dry! Brands you'll find in my closet are Patagonia, (my favorite - well made & moderately priced), ColumbiaMarmotMarmot jacket example, & when I can afford it, North Face or Arc'teryx 

Maybe a beanie?

Shoes or rubber boots that can keep your feet warm will be important, too!

Sunglasses are important, too.

This is still the iffy part of our plans.
There is really only one location to rent boats - and they will not take reservations until all of their "regulars" have booked what they want.

Worst case possible scenario if there is a boat shortage = Half of us hike in the mornings and fish in the afternoons; the other half fish in the morning and hike in the afternoons.

I'll be working this out in the next few weeks.

The $275-$300 covered boats cost more - but offer shelter from the rain.
 - They can carry 4 people - which will allow 2 couples to be together on the boat

Hot Wire

The $100-$150 skiffs might be fine on a nice day - but bad weather can come up pretty fast - The little skiffs only hold 3 people maximum - and that would require splitting up couples.


Guests wanting to do their own processing at the marina:  We have a cleaning table, commercial vacuum packer, walk-in freezer and we sell wet-lock fish boxes.
Frozen fish in a wet-lock box stays frozen for several hours (freezer is set at -10).  A majority of our guests take fish back as luggage and have no issues with fish thawing out before they arrive home. You can also arrange for FED-EX to pick up fish and have it sent overnight.

I am asking the rental house owner about outdoor grilling options.

Crab Trap - $17.50 per day
Some folks say it's just like "Deadliest Catch" but no one falls overboard

A person may limit on silvers, chums and pinks from July on - and the limit is 6 of each!

Only 45 minutes from the Marina - great views of significant waterfalls and beautiful little islands along the way - offers hikers a fine walk along the river and through a rain forest, a look at mossy banks and regional wild flowers, and the opportunity (from late July until fall) to spy black bear feeding on salmon heading upstream.

There is a washer and dryer at the house - so do not pack a giant suitcase with 7 changes of clothes - we will just do laundry at the house!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Clan Reed Alaska Adventure 2017

Here is the plan.
(version 10/4/16c)

Buy your fishing license before arriving

Nonresident 7 Day Sport Fishing License$55.00

In the area of the Ketchikan Management Area we'll be fishing in (called 2C)  - there are no off limits areas for salmon - plenty to catch if you like.

We are after HALIBUT

 The daily bag limit is two halibut of any size per day per person

NOTE - There are some area restrictions for charted boats that do not apply to non-guided boats.
Guided boats in this area have a slot and ONE fish per day limit

This year's early August Report

Halibut fishing in the area has been great and is expected to remain strong throughout the summer.

Pink salmon
Marine anglers are reporting excellent catch rates for pink salmon throughout the area
Rainbow, Cutthroat and Brook Trout
There are a few good opportunities to target rainbow and cutthroat trout along the road system. Anglers have been having success at Ward Creek, Ketchikan Creek and Carlanna Lake. Ketchikan Creek was opened June 1st and will be open for the remainder of the year. If you are up for the hike, anglers have been successful catching brook trout at the outlet of Perseverance Lake.
If remote fishing is on your agenda, try the Naha River, McDonald Lake or Fish Creek.
Be sure to check the 2016 Southeast Alaska Sport Fishing Regulations. The Ketchikan Area Freshwater Special Regulations can be found on pages 29-31. Regulations vary depending on the waters you plan to fish.
Ketchikan Creek is open to sport fishing for all species including king salmon.
  • The bag and possession limit for king salmon in Ketchikan Creek is two king salmon of any size.
  • King salmon harvested in Ketchikan Creek do not count towards the nonresident annual limit.
  • Fishing gear permitted in Ketchikan Creek is one unbaited, single-hook, artificial lure only.

8/5/2017; Arrive Ketchikan Airport

Stay in a Vacation House north of Ketchikan

(Between Mud Bay and Ward Cove)

Boat out of Knudsen Cove Marina

This map shows more.detail

View of the house

Nice view of the bay from Deck

Ok - one more house picture

When we fish in skiffs, we fish around Grant Island

Image result for grant island alaska

and up to Naha Bay

The nearby Naha River has a nice walking trail along it.

The Marina is near Clover Pass

The Settlers Cove Park also has nice hikes and views

With the bigger covered boats, we can cross HELM CANAL to the other side and fish along the Cleveland Peninsula

Belize Reef

Belize Reef
Sergeant Major fish