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“Official Thanksgiving in Japan” Addition- Martins in Japan

28 November 2017 -Martin Mission in Japan
“Official Thanksgiving in Japan” Addition
This will be a Thanksgiving never to be forgotten.   Seven turkeys in 3 days!
FRIDAY:  Sister Martin and 2 other women served a noontime dinner to 40 missionaries at the Tokyo Zone Conference. 

Most of the items (including 5 big pumpkin pies) were prepared ahead of time by members from the Tokyo Ward and warmed up.

I cooked 3 big turkeys in electric roosters and the Assistants to the President carved them.

Some of the Japanese missionaries had never eaten a turkey Thanksgiving meal.

The meal was very well received and it was a great zone conference.

 Sister Martin and I supervised and pitched in to provide a dinner to 80 church members and friends at a family history seminar at the Nakano Ward building. 

I cooked 3 big turkeys in roasters again, and Elders Kaminade and Tokuzawa did all the carving – a first for them.

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