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Can DNA Testing Help Locate the Last 5 of my Sixty-Four 4th-Great Grandparents?

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Looking for a Few 4th Great Grandparents
            by Emory Martin III

Our Martin/Pace family tree is documented with only a few holes back to the late 1600’s – to our 6th and 7th great grandparents – and even father back on some lines.

Currently, we are missing information on only FIVE of our sixty-four 4th great grandparents.
We might think that autosomal DNA testing – so popular today - could help identify our 5th cousins who share these grandparents with us, but there are a few problems with that strategy.
Problem 1:  The odds that people who share a 4th great grandparent - “5th cousins” – ALSO share autosomal DNA are less than 5 percent*. ·        -  DNA gets pretty diluted after many generations ·       -   Random chance in genetics will sometimes boost those odds, but it means about twenty of our 5th cousins must be DNA-tested in order to get one “hit”.
Problem 2:  When we find a probable 5th cousin via DNA match, there is a good chance that they…

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