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Senior Couples Serving in the Tokyo Mission Office

Carolyn and I visited Japan last year to help decide where we might serve.

We selected Japan because I always hoped return to the country where I served as a missionary in my youth - we chose Tokyo because we have traveled here several times in the past 10 years and have friends in the area.

Carolyn's high school friend Rosemarie Winkle Evans (from our days in Fremont, California) and her husband served as office staff in the Tokyo Mission a few years ago- and their recommendation to us was really influential.

We visited the Tokyo Mission in June 2016 and met the Kotters serving there and also the nearby Tokyo South Mission where the Yamashitas were serving.  Elder and Sister Yamashitas are from Fremont, too which is quite a coincidence.

We found that the Tokyo Mission is located in an area that is a bit quieter - and the mission president -President Nagano - was kind enough to give us a ride back to the train station and encouraged us to come and serve.  So - we asked to be assi…

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